Road to success via SignPosts (remote presentation)

We all use GPS navigation almost blindly and in the process we tend to ignore the signposts. But what if you are driving through complicated motorway junctions and you lose the signal because of tunnels and overpasses? What would you follow? The answer is destination signposts because that way you can see which motorway exits and directions have to be followed.

Gaps in OSM are huge. Some ultra-important routes may have that information, but many others don’t have destination signposts at all.

MICROSOFT open maps team Is focused on adding missing information to OSM and one of the tools used is CheckAutopista2 which is a QA tool for motorways in OpenStreetMap. This tool helps indicate potential and real junctions where reference numbers and/or destination signposts are missing.

Please join us to learn more about our tools and our journey that we have undertaken on our road to success. We will share our learning to help everyone build top quality maps.